I was at Prestige Radio as the guest on Dr. Dantala’s Nigeria Today program where he interviewed me on the possibility of using Nupe Spiritualism to combat armed banditry and kidnapping in Niger State and Nigeria in general. I started by saying that people should learn to differentiate between Religion and Spiritualism.

The two are not the same. I also said that, just like Science, there is an evil aspect and a good aspect to Spiritualism. Witchcraft belongs to the evil aspect of Spiritualism. And, as a Muslim, I completely condemn the use or practice of Witchcraft. I said religious people should condemn the evil aspect of Spiritualism like Witchcraft but they shouldn’t condemn the good aspect of Spiritualism.

I then cited the example of Prophet Suleman whom the Qur’an categorically narrated that he possessed the good aspect of Spiritualism which he used to control and rule over men, animals and spirits including the Jinns. I also cited the example of Zul-Qarnain whom the same Qur’an narrated to have used the good aspect of Spiritualism to control malevolent spirits like the Yajuj and Majuj.

I said that the mind of the White man is so undeveloped that the White man is incapable of comprehending spiritual realities. The only thing the rather subhuman mind of the White man can comprehend are materialism and its resultant branch of the Physical Sciences.

It is the Black man with his superior faculties of cognition that is capable of understanding and practicing the higher dimensional science of Spiritualism. I said that it is high time our people have realized that Spiritualism is our African heritage and should, therefore, not be condemned in totality.

We should condemn only the evil aspect of Spiritualism like Witchcraft, Sorcery, Magic, etc. I said our Black African Negro ancestors were not idiots, they were geniuses who practiced the advanced science of Spiritualism. I said it was the good aspect of Spiritualism that Black African Negroes used to built the pyramids and to establish the supremely superior civilizations of Atlantis and Osiria in prehistoric times.

I said that to this day KinNupe possesses enough spiritual professionals with the necessary spiritual powers to spiritually neutralize the bandits and kidnappers pestering Niger State and Nigeria today.

.I said but this will only be possible with the full intervention of our Government and our Royal Fathers who are the only authorities with the requisite powers to effectively mobilize and organize our traditional institutions and our spiritual professionals into the formidable force that can proficiently neutralize the bandits and kidnappers within a short period of time.

Author: Ndagi Abdullahi
Royal Title: Amana Nupe
Whatsapp Contact Only: 08137982743

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