In 1979 the Federal Government at Lagos asked General Garba Duba to suggest a name for the first Civilian Governor of Niger State in the then forthcoming 1979 general elections.

General Garba Duba, a Hausa man from Kontagora, said the first Civilian Governor of Niger State must be a Nupe man because the Nupe people dominated everything about Niger State.

General Duba told the Nupe elders to convene a meeting to choose a Nupe Consensus Candidate as the first Civilian Governor of Niger State.

The Nupe people convened a large meeting of all Nupe politicians and stakeholders. They asked anybody interested in contesting for Governorship to raise up his hand.

The first person to raise his hands was Alhaji Suleman Takuma… … by all standards, Alhaji Suleman Takuma was literally overqualified to be the first Civilian Governor of Niger State… … but the Wacins in that meeting shouted Alhaji Suleman Takuma down, that he cannot be accepted as the Nupe Consensus Candidate because he is a Gberi…

They denied that great man the chance of becoming the first Nupe Governor and of leading the Nupe Nation to greater heights…

From the venue of that very fateful meeting that day in 1979 many divisions befall the Nupe people… divisions that we are still paying for heavily with disgrace and humiliation in a Niger State that was created for us Nupencizhi… Divisions that we will pay for with even greater disgrace and humiliation this 2023 if we don’t do anything to stop this Wacin/Gberi wickedness among ourselves.

Author: Ndagi Abdullahi
Royal Title: Amana Nupe
Whatsapp Contact Only: 08137982743

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