This Nupe woman phoned me. She asked if people killed by Nupe Witchcraft do really die, because some of them used to be seen living a new life somewhere.

I told her people killed by witchcraft don’t really die. They are only spiritually banished from their society to another. Witchcraft is advanced Magic and is used to create the illusion of death to the unaided eyes of the general public who perform the funeral and unknowingly buries a banana stalk.

She asked why is it that when a Fara ghost is seen in another different place they don’t bring them back home for rehabilitation? I answered that if the Fara ghost is brought back home a great calamity – from madness to death – will befall all those who have hand in its banishment, usually including high-profile members of the community like the Ndazhitsu, Tsuyankpa, Liman, etc., who almost always belonged to the local Witchcraft lodge.

It is usually the high-profile members of the community who used to prevent a Fara ghost from being brought back home, for reasons stated above.

I also told her that bringing the ghost back to the community might lead to the madness of the ghost unless a very powerful professional spiritualist is at hand to recuperate the ghost back to its normal senses.

So, it might be in the interest of the Fara ghost to be left alone to live a near-normal life in the new society it has been banished to. Witchcraft is advanced Magic advanced way beyond the understanding of the ordinary people. And, Witchcraft is evil..

Author: Ndagi Abdullahi
Royal Title: Amana Nupe
Whatsapp Contact Only: 08137982743

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