Nupe Women Preparing Meals For Traditional Egbe In Jima

The egbe farming working group used to be a formidable group mostly among the youths in rural KinNupe who were the pride of their respective homesteads and communities.

The women supports their men by preparing meals for the groups, a major source of inspiration for the men who work from dawn till dusk.

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The women folk would usually join their men on the farm at the end of each farming season for harvesting of farm produce.

With the working groups, large expanse of lands/hectares were owned and cultivated by families.

A large family would be at advantage because of its number which could be deployed to work for a member of the group and could join many other groups who will in turn mobilise to work for the family on its farmlands.

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This association was locally deployed to help all the families especially in rural communities to boost productivity and with this, most families all year round were assured of sustainable living income as they were food items for consumption and in commercial quantities for sale.

There are also drumming groups who are usually on ground to support the working group with sounds from the talking drums and eulogies by praise singers.

The Egbe Nupe farming working group was in practice until the early 2000s when agrochemicals were invented and floated the markets, offering individuals the opportunity to cultivate more than enough farmlands without necessarily mobilising a farming working group.
Reference: ResearchGate.

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