Simon Leviev Biography, Net Worth, Age, Phone Number

The famous Simon Leviev was on born (27 September 1990), Simon is an Israeli conman convicted of theft, forgery and fraudster, he is one of the popular fraudulent in the world, According to The Times of Israel, he allegedly swindled an estimated $10 million from victims across the European continent from 2017 to 2019 alone using a ponzi scheme website for cyber crime.

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Full/Real Name: Shimon Yehuda Hayut
Parent/Father Name: Under Research
Parent/Mother Name: Under Research
Brother Name: Under Research
Sister Name: Under Research
Girlfriend Name: Under Research
Criminal status: Wanted by many countries
Children/Kids: Under Research
Nationality: Israelites
Country: Israeli
Born/Date Of Birth: (27 September 1990)
Age: 31 (2022)
House Address: Under Research
Complexion: Fair
Height: Under Research
Criminal Offense: Fraudster, Scam, Cyber Crime, Theft, Forgery
Wanted: Currently wanted in Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom
Education: Under Research
Marital Status: Under Research
Children: Under Research
Origin/Ethinc/Tribe: Israeli
Religion: Christianity
Jailed: Once imprisoned in Israeli and Fineland
Email: Under Research
Facebook Page: Under Research
Twitter: Under Research
Instagram: Under Research
Phone Numer: Under Research
Salary: Under Research
Ponzi Website: Under Research
Net Worth: $1,000,000 USD

Simon Leviev Early Life

The top Israeli fraudster moved to Brooklyn, New York in the US with his family’s friends at the age of 15, Simon was later accused of misusing their credit card. In 2010 he attended a flight school. According to rare interviews done by Felicity Morris, Simon Leviev has been committing minor cons like cheque fraud since he was a teenager. He later changed his legal name from Shimon Hayut to Simon Leviev, using the surname Leviev to pretend he was related to Lev Avnerovich Leviev, an Israeli famous business man known as “The King of Diamonds”.

Simon Leviev Criminal Activities

According to reports, Simon stole a checkbook belonging to a family while babysitting their child, and another’s while working as a handyman at their home. Simon never showed up in court for being guilty, and he escaped the country across the border into Jordan with a fake passport under the name Mordechai Nisim Tapiro, and fled to Europe. In early 2012, he was indicted by an Israeli court and charged with theft and forgery of checks, as well as for leaving a five-year-old he was babysitting unattended. In 2015, Simon Leviev was arrested in Finland and was sentenced to three years in imprisonment for defrauding several women. When arrested in Finland, Simon claimed he was an Israeli man born in 1978, and he was found with two forged Israeli passports, three forged Israeli driver’s licenses, two forged Israeli flight permits, and five forged American Express credit cards.

Simon Leviev Personal Life

The story of his criminal activity has gone beyond thinking and has gained prominence in 2019 after the publication of an article entitled The Tinder Swindler by investigative journalists working for the Norwegian tabloid Verdens Gang and with the supportive of Israeli journalist Uri Blau, and later in 2022 after the released of the Netflix documentary under the same name, In 2015, Simon Leviev was sentenced to two years in Imprisonment in Finland, and in 2019 to 15 months in prison in Israel. As of 2019, Simon Leviev is still wanted for defrauding people in several countries e.g Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom.
Currently now, Simon is wanted and he is no where to be found.

Simon Leviev Net Worth


The famous Israeli fraudster Simon Leviev has scammed an estimated Net worth of morethan $1,000,000 US Dollar equivalent to N560,000,000 Million Naira at the rate of 560 Naira, Nigerian Currency per Dollar.

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