Patience Jonathan Biography, Net Worth, Career, Personal Life

Patience Jonathan is a name that is well-known in Nigeria and across the world as the former First Lady of Nigeria. She is known for her charismatic personality and strong political views. Born on 25th October 1957, in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria, she rose to prominence through her husband’s political career.

Career Path and Political Records

Patience Jonathan began her career in the public service sector, where she worked at the Bayelsa State Ministry of Education. Later, she became a teacher and rose through the ranks to become a permanent secretary in the Bayelsa State civil service. In 2006, she was appointed the first lady of Bayelsa State after her husband became the governor.

After her husband’s ascension to the presidency in 2010, she became the First Lady of Nigeria. During her tenure as the First Lady, she launched several programs, including the Women for Change Initiative, which aimed to empower women and tackle poverty in Nigeria. She was also involved in various charity projects, including providing scholarships to children, supporting local farmers, and helping women in the northeast affected by Boko Haram.

Despite her contribution to Nigeria and humanitarian work, her tenure as the first lady was not without controversies. She was accused of corruption, embezzlement of funds, and several other allegations. However, she denied all allegations and went on to complete her tenure as the First Lady until 2015.

Personal and Family Life

Patience Jonathan is a devoted Christian and is married to former Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan since 1993. The couple has two children, Ariwera Jonathan (son), and Aruabi Jonathan (daughter).

Patience Jonathan is known to have a luxurious lifestyle and has a collection of expensive cars and houses. Some of her cars include a N300m Rolls Royce worth $250,000, a N120m BMW i8 worth $140,000, and a N100m Lexus SUV worth $85,000. She also owns several houses in Nigeria and around the world, including a duplex apartment worth ₦10bn in the exclusive Community of Banana Island, Lagos.

Net Worth

Currency Net Worth
US Dollar (USD) $20 million
Nigerian Naira (NGN) ₦7.9 billion
Canadian Dollar (CAD) $26.4 million
Ghana Cedi (GHS) 116.4 million
Kenya Shilling (KES) 2.13 billion
South Africa Rand (ZAR) R278 million
Uganda Shilling (UGX) 70.9 billion
India Rupee (INR) 1.5 billion

Patience Jonathan’s net worth is estimated to be around $20 million. However, the exact amount of her wealth is not known, and it is believed to be higher than the stated amount. With her net worth, she leads a luxurious lifestyle, which includes traveling around the world and owning expensive properties all over Nigeria and abroad.

Nominations and Awards

Patience Jonathan has been nominated and awarded several times for her contributions to Nigeria and the African community. In 2013, she was awarded the African Goodwill Ambassador Peace Award by the African First Ladies Peace Mission. She was also awarded the Daughters of Destiny Leadership Award by the Girl Child Empowerment Initiative in 2014.

Social Media

Patience Jonathan is active on social media and has accounts on various platforms, including Twitter. Her Twitter handle is @PatienceJonath1


Patience Jonathan’s life and career are full of ups and downs. Regardless of the controversies, she has been involved in several humanitarian projects, advocating for women and supporting charities in Nigeria.

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