Mohammed Shuwa Biography, Net Worth, Career

Mohammed Shuwa, a retired Nigerian Major General, was a military icon born in Azare, Nigeria in 1935. He was one of the few Fulani officers who served in the Nigerian Army. Shuwa has a great reputation for his bravery and diligence in serving Nigeria, and his military expertise will never be forgotten by the citizens of Nigeria.

Early Life and Education

Mohammed Shuwa grew up in Azare, a town in Bauchi State, Nigeria. He attended Azare Middle School and graduated from Barewa College, Zaria, in 1955. After that, he joined the Nigerian Army in 1958 and attended the Nigerian Military Training College in Kaduna, where he acquired basic military training. After graduation, he was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant and was posted to the 1st Battalion, Nigerian Army.

Military Career

Shuwa’s military career began when he was commissioned into the Nigerian Army in 1958. Throughout his career, he held many key military positions and was instrumental in the success of several military operations.

Rank Role Military Record
Second Lieutenant 1st Battalion, Nigerian Army
Captain Territorial Army
Lieutenant-Colonel 1st Division headquarters, Lagos Commanding Officer, Infantry, 2nd Brigade, 82 Division
Colonel Director of Military Training and Operation Commanding Officer, Infantry Brigade and 34 Artillery Brigade
Brigadier-General General Officer Commanding (GOC), 1st Infantry Division GOC, 5th Infantry Division
Major-General GOC, 1st Infantry Division

Personal Life

Mohammed Shuwa passed away on November 2, 2012, at the age of 77. He was married to Maryam Shuwa and had children. Shuwa was known for his simplicity and humility, and his life was an inspiration to many Nigerians.

Net Worth

Mohammed Shuwa’s net worth isn’t publicly known, so it cannot be stated. However, it is known that he owned a few cars and houses throughout his life.

Overview of Mohammed Shuwa’s net worth in different currencies:

Currency Net Worth
US Dollar Unknown
Nigerian Naira Unknown
Canadian Dollar Unknown
Ghana Cedi Unknown
Kenya Shilling Unknown
South Africa Rand Unknown
Uganda Shilling Unknown
India Rupee Unknown

Awards and Nominations

Mohammed Shuwa received several awards and honors during his military career. Some of them are listed below:

  • Grand Commander of the Order of the Niger (GCON) – 2008
  • Member of the Order of the Federal Republic (MFR) – 1980
  • Forces Service Star (FSS) – 1965

Mohammed Shuwa was undoubtedly one of the most respected and decorated military leaders in Nigerian history. He will always be remembered as a true hero and patriot who served his country with undivided loyalty and dedication.

Learn more about Mohammed Shuwa’s life and legacy on his Wikipedia biography.

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