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Drake is a multi-award-winning Canadian rapper, singer, and songwriter known worldwide for his music and entrepreneurial skills. The superstar has amassed a huge fan base over the past decade and has accumulated a significant net worth in various currencies. Here, we will take a look at Drake’s estimated net worth in dollar, naira, Ghana cedi, Kenya shilling, South Africa rand, and India rupee, and give a brief overview of his wealth in each currency.

Drake Net Worth in Dollar

Drake’s net worth in dollar is estimated to be around $180 million, making him one of the richest hip-hop artists in the world. The majority of his wealth comes from his successful music career, from album sales, tours, and streaming royalties. However, he has diversified his investment portfolio over the years and has invested in several lucrative ventures, including his own record label, OVO Sound, a clothing line, and a whiskey brand.

Drake Net Worth in Naira

As of 2024, Drake’s net worth in Naira is about 74,040,784,189 Naira. The Canadian rapper has amassed a lot of money from his music, endorsements, and investments. With his huge fan base in Nigeria, Drake has been able to increase his net worth in naira, which continues to grow every year.

Drake Net Worth in Ghana Cedi

In Ghana, Drake’s net worth is estimated to be around 1,056,143,394 Ghanaian cedis. The rapper has a considerable fan base in Ghana, and he has performed in the country on several occasions. He has also collaborated with some Ghanaian artists, helping to increase his fame and net worth in the country.

Drake Net Worth in Kenya Shilling

Drake’s net worth in the Kenyan currency, the shilling, is estimated to be KSH 19.5 billion. The rapper has been able to build a significant following in Kenya, and his music is played widely across the country. Drake is also known for his philanthropic efforts, and some of his charitable contributions have gone to Kenyan organizations, further increasing his popularity and net worth in the country.

Drake Net Worth in South Africa Rand

South Africa is known for its love for hip-hop music, and Drake is no exception to that. The rapper’s net worth in the South African currency, the rand, is estimated to be R2.6 billion. South Africa is also one of Drake’s biggest markets in Africa, and he has performed in the country several times, further cementing his stardom and wealth in the region.

Drake Net Worth in India Rupee

Drake may not be as well-known in India as he is in other parts of the world, but he still has a considerable fan base in the country. As of 2024, Drake’s net worth in India rupee is estimated to be around INR 13,134 crore. The rapper’s success in India has been largely attributed to his collaborations with Indian artists, as well as the popularity of his music on streaming platforms in the country.

Drake’s net worth in different currencies shows the rapper’s remarkable success across the globe. His wealth continues to grow, driven by his music, investments, and entrepreneurial ventures. Drake has established himself as one of the most successful and influential rap artists of our time and has become a role model for aspiring musicians and entrepreneurs. Though his net worth varies in different currencies, his immense talent and entrepreneurial spirit remain consistently impressive.

Drake Biography

Drake is a Canadian rapper, singer, and songwriter who first gained popularity with his debut album, “Thank Me Later” in 2010. He has since released several successful albums and singles, including the Grammy-winning “Views” in 2016. Drake is known for his introspective lyrics, unique flow, and catchy hooks. He has also been involved in numerous controversies and collaborations with other well-known artists. Along with his music career, Drake is also an entrepreneur and has launched his own record label, clothing line, and whiskey brand.

Drake Personal Life

Drake’s personal life has garnered much attention from fans and the media. Here, we will take a look at some intriguing details of Drake’s personal life.

Drake Childhood and Family

Born Aubrey Drake Graham on October 24, 1986, in Toronto, Canada, Drake was raised by his mother, Sandi Graham, who was Jewish, and his African-American father, Dennis Graham. His parents divorced when he was only five years old, and Drake was raised primarily by his mother in a middle-class neighborhood.

Drake has always spoken highly of his mother, who he credits with inspiring his music career. His father, on the other hand, has also been a prominent figure in his life. Dennis Graham is a musician, and Drake has often cited him as his biggest musical influence.

Drake Relationships

Drake has been linked with several women over the years, including some high-profile celebrities. He is known to have dated singer Rihanna, whom he has also collaborated with on several songs. The two have been involved in an on-and-off relationship for years, and even though they have since gone their separate ways, their relationship remains a topic of interest to fans.

Drake has also been linked with other famous women such as Jennifer Lopez, Serena Williams, and Bella Hadid. Despite his highly publicized relationships, Drake has managed to keep a relatively low profile when it comes to his personal life, and he rarely speaks publicly about his relationships.

Drake Fatherhood

In 2018, Drake revealed that he had fathered a son, Adonis, with French artist and former adult film star Sophie Brussaux. The news came as a surprise to many of his fans, as Drake had kept the birth of his son a secret for several months.

Since then, Drake has been more open about his relationship with his son and even released a song dedicated to him, “March 14,” in which he raps about the challenges of being a single father. Though Drake has kept his son out of the public eye, he has shared a few glimpses of him on social media, showing the world his love and affection for Adonis.

Drake Philanthropy

In addition to his music career, Drake is also known for his philanthropic efforts. The rapper has donated millions of dollars to various causes over the years, including education, healthcare, and disaster relief. In 2018, he launched his own foundation, The Drake Foundation, which focuses on supporting underprivileged youths in Canada.

Drake has also been involved in several other charitable efforts, such as the creation of a scholarship program for students attending his alma mater, Toronto’s Forest Hill Collegiate Institute. He has also been known to surprise fans with random acts of kindness, including paying for their groceries or covering their tuition fees.

Drake’s personal life is a subject that fans and critics alike cannot seem to get enough of. From his childhood experiences to his highly publicized relationships, Drake’s life outside of music continues to fascinate millions around the world. Nonetheless, the rapper has managed to balance his personal and public life successfully, always keeping his fans guessing but never revealing too much. Through his philanthropic work and dedication to his family, Drake continues to set an example for aspiring musicians and fans alike, inspiring them to pursue their dreams while giving back to their communities.

Drake’s Career

He first gained attention as an actor on the teen drama “Degrassi: The Next Generation” before venturing into music in 2006. Since then, he has released several albums and singles that have topped charts worldwide and earned him numerous awards.

Drake’s Early Career

Drake’s music career began in 2006 when he released his first mixtape, “Room for Improvement.” However, his big break came in 2009 when he released the mixtape, “So Far Gone.” The mixtape received critical acclaim and spawned several hit singles, including “Best I Ever Had” and “Successful.”

Signing with Lil Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment soon after, Drake released his debut album, “Thank Me Later,” in 2010. The album was a commercial success, debuting at number one on the US Billboard 200 charts, and earned critical acclaim for its introspective and vulnerable lyrics.

Drake Success and Growth

Drake’s success continued with the release of his next albums, “Take Care” (2011), “Nothing Was the Same” (2013), and “Views” (2016), all of which topped the charts and earned Grammy nominations.

Throughout his music career, Drake has collaborated with other prominent artists, including Lil Wayne, Rihanna, and Future, and has even contributed to the soundtrack for the hit musical “Hamilton.”

Perhaps one of Drake’s most significant achievements has been his ability to reinvent himself and grow as an artist. He has proven to be versatile and experimental, collaborating with artists from various genres and incorporating different sounds into his music.

Drake Entrepreneurship

In addition to his music career, Drake is also known for his entrepreneurship skills. He has launched his own record label, OVO Sound, and has helped discover and promote artists such as PartyNextDoor and Majid Jordan. He has also diversified by launching his own clothing line, which has been featured in fashion shows across the world.

In 2019, Drake partnered with a whiskey company to launch his own brand called Virginia Black. The brand has since become a hit among whiskey enthusiasts and helped increase Drake’s net worth.

Drake’s music career has spanned over a decade, and he continues to be one of the most successful and influential artists in the music industry today. His ability to remain relevant and innovative has been pivotal to his success, and his dedication to his craft is commendable.

Moreover, Drake’s entrepreneurship skills have allowed him to build a brand that appeals to fans beyond his music. Whether through his record label or clothing line, Drake has shown that he is a formidable and influential force in business as well.

Overall, Drake’s career has been one of inspiration and hard work, and fans can only anticipate greater things to come from this music moguls continual growth.

Drake’s Education Background

Drake attended Forest Hill Collegiate Institute, where he developed his love for music and acting. However, things took a turn when he dropped out of high school at the age of 15. Drake has since been open about his struggles with education, citing the challenges he faced with the traditional schooling system.

Struggling to make ends meet, Drake turned to acting to make a living. He landed a role on the teen drama series “Degrassi: The Next Generation” in 2001, playing the character Jimmy Brooks for several seasons.

Drake’s Wealth

Drake is one of the wealthiest musicians in the world, with a net worth estimated at around $180 million according to Forbes. The Canadian rapper, singer, and songwriter has built his wealth through his successful music career, clever business ventures, and various other investments.

Income from Music

Drake’s primary source of income is his music career. His albums, singles, and tours have generated millions of dollars in revenue, and he is considered one of the most successful and popular musicians of his generation.

Drake has released several successful albums that have topped the charts worldwide, including “Thank Me Later,” “Take Care,” and “Scorpion.” Additionally, he earns income through his music streaming on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, and he reportedly earns around $1 million per year in royalties alone.

Tours and Performances

Drake’s tours and performances have also been a significant contributor to his wealth. He has embarked on several successful tours over the years, including his most recent “Assassination Vacation” tour that reportedly earned around $1 million per night.

In addition to his tours, Drake has headlined several high-profile events and concerts, including the OVO Fest, which he founded in 2010. The OVO Fest is an annual event held in Toronto, featuring performances from various artists and attracting thousands of fans from around the world.

Entrepreneurship and Business Ventures

Beyond his music career, Drake has also built his wealth through various business ventures and entrepreneurship efforts. In 2013, he launched his own record label, OVO Sound, which has helped discover and promote several successful artists, including PARTYNEXTDOOR and Majid Jordan.

In addition, Drake has launched his own clothing line, OVO Clothing, which has been featured in various fashion shows worldwide. He has also partnered with companies like Nike, Sprite, and Canadian Weed Company, where he serves as a brand ambassador or spokesperson.

Investments and Real Estate

Drake’s wealth also comes from his smart investments and real estate holdings. He reportedly owns several properties worldwide, including a $7.7 million mansion in Toronto, a $6.7 million penthouse in West Hollywood, and a $4.5 million home in Hidden Hills, California.

Drake has also made some notable investments in tech startups, including investments in companies like Omni, a storage startup, and Butter, a restaurant pre-ordering app.


Drake’s wealth is a testament to his hard work, talent, and entrepreneurship skills. He has built his empire from his successful music career, smart investments, and clever business ventures. Despite his controversies and challenges, Drake has managed to remain an influential and wealthy force in the music industry and beyond, inspiring many young people aiming to build a successful and sustainable career. You may also like to see Chris Brown net worth and wealth.

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